Free Abacus & Phonics Demo session Saturday, 22nd March 2014- 7.00pm to 8.00pm Mini KG to Sr.KG – Venue – Sanskar Nursery School , Sun city. Sunday, 23rd March 2014 - 9.00am TO 11.00am Mini KG to Sr. KG - Venue – Sanskar school, Abhiruchi.

Sanskar Gurukul

"I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think."

The idea is to let the student think or to make them able to think. Thoughts are inspiring. But adapting them into a fully reality is a tougher task.
We, at Late Shri Mohanrao Bhide Sanskar Gurukul School, have not only accepted this challenge but are all set to implement it successfully. Late Shri Mohanrao Bhide
Sanskar Gurukul School is an outcome of different such ideas to run a school effectively.


Gurukul was the educating system prevailing in the ancient era. The Gurukuls were not merely meant as a school, but they used to be a complete training academy of life skills along with academic skills. Sanskar Gurukul School aims to revive the same old system with modern techniques and modern ways to live in a competitive age. Sanskar is not about mere manners and thoughts. It’s about philosophy of life.

Our focus is overall development of a child.

We are looking beyond and after 20 years when a student will become a grown up and he or she will face the world around. The students are trained in such a way that they will be able to handle the pressures, think innovatively, outclass the competition and prove themselves as a true world citizen.

Learning is a real fun at Sanskar Gurukul. In simple words, education is based on practical training and in a simple manner that any student would easily understand the logic behind the fact. This effective and innovative way is a certain route to success in life. It makes a student believe in his or her own thinking and capabilities. It helps them develop their logic and understand the things by doing them and not by just reading.

Sanskar Gurukul renders the treasure of virtues of our great ancient culture to the little hands that’s going to make it even greater.

Let your kid be a proud global citizen at Sanskar.

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What Parents say About Us

Sanskar is the ideal school that we have been searching for years. Now, we can rest assured about our son's future.
Mr. & Mrs. Sathe
ही शाळा मला खूप आवडली. जर मला पुन्हा लहान होता आले, तर मला ह्या झाडांत लपलेल्या शाळेत यायला आवडेल.
- राजीव तांबे

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